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Who We Are

Innovera is a multi-national EdTech company founded in April 2013. We have grown organically by creating EdTech solutions that help address clients’ specific needs in their educational journey as faculty learners and educational institutions by providing the best-consulting services and EdTech products available in the market today.

We are a trusted partner for key-international EdTech brands in the Middle East region and Africa. We facilitate access to mature and emerging markets. We continue to grow our core in-house expertise to offer the support and assistance required to meet international standards for teacher training and professional development, application and software development, content creation, and service center support.



Be Committed to delivering innovative EdTech services and solutions that improve learning through the thoughtful and purposeful application of knowledge, processes, and technology.  to offer the support for our valued partners and customers to find the right solutions for educators, schools, institutions, and classrooms


To be the preferred partner in EdTech and to be regionally recognized as an established EdTech company with a key-focus on organic growth and an extensive channel network in the Middle East and Africa.


Innovation, Commitment and Trust are our principle values


To reach our ambition; we collaborate with partners who share the same passion and devotion to pioneer educational and teacher professional development.


During Covid-19, Innovera partnered with the Egyptian Ministry of Education


Education to enable students to complete their learning safely from home. Innovera provided the k-12 Edmodo online platform to con

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The Egyptian Ministry of Education

has launched a key initiative for a capacity building of 700,000 teachers across 20 governorates in Egypt

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Innovera has collaborated

Innovera has collaborated with the Ministry of Education in Sudan in a massive project

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